Thursday, September 6, 2012

0033: THOOM vs. Howard the Duck #15

THOOM and Podcast X's Trenchcoat Mafia continue to plow through Howard the Duck volume one. We are up to #15, the debut of  Dr. Bong.


Music: "Everybody Must Get Stoned" Bob Dylan

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  1. Wanda should have known, always keep a backup floppy of your husband.

    Vin Diesel, Vision? How stupid. Vision should be near emotionless and tall.

    Howard and Beverly's relationship is rishathra. Sex between intelligent sentient beings. What's the objections to bestiality? -Unnatural and disgusting?- Screw that, plenty of what was unnatural and disgusting before is norm now, and even if it wasn't normal, so what. it's their business. -Animals can't consent.- Howard can and does. Case close. Now bring me Tigra.

    What? What? Someone gets hurt, don't you ask them if they think they are alright? Isn't that the first question an EMT is suppose to ask? Isn't that asked to help assess how bad a person has been hurt, if hurt too bad to answer or answers incoherent or is just fine.

    "No weal explanation.” Too much Winda for Thoom?

    Deus ex machina? No, this is a Howard the Duck comic. Where it had been established the ridiculous happens. Top hat and pleasure button, wacky Howard the Duck norm.

    If you ended up in a world of beings twice your size, where everything was so much bigger than you you would let the girl pick you up. Especially if you're tapping her ass.

    I have to disagree with Howard, its not cannibalism. It might be disgusting to him but not cannibalism. It's like if someone in that world of beings twice your size serve up roasted gorilla.

    Probably back in Duckworld the singer is known as Bob Ducklon or Bob Dilloon

    I like the Hostess ads, made me realize besides the stated universes there can be others like a Marvel universe where Hostess pies and cakes are crack to criminals.

    Another Courtney torture comics, Squirrel girl defeats Doc Doom.

    Peter David. nuff said

  2. Wanda really should have had a back-up copy of Vision; it worked for Cliff Steele in Doom Patrol - but then, Grant Morrison's a REAL writer, as opposed to John Byrne.

    I already called dibs on Tigra.

    A top hat and pleasure button are too wacky for Tim, but he has no problem accepting the premise of a talking duck.

    I really hated those Hostess ads - they made Spidey Super Stories look intellectual by comparison..

    Squirrel Girl can defeat anyone. Doom is so petty, in a later story, he was said to have hunted down and killed all those squirrels.

    And who else but the great Peter David would give Hulk fuzzy bunny slippers, after all?!