Friday, May 3, 2013

0059 Comic Book Spotlight (Love and Rockets)

THOOM and T-Mafia recap a story from Love and Rockets: New Stories Volume 3 called "Scarlet by Starlight" (2010).



  1. The only Prime Directive Captain Kirk ever followed was his personal one: "If it's humanoid, and the parts fit, I MUST fuck it!

    I would most definitely bang a Klingon. It would be just like banging an MMA fighter, just with extra ridges on her head.

    I'm sorry that your relationship with Derek has worsened, Tim. You guys are perfect for each other: the amateur Armond White and the amateur Christian.

    Speaking of Derek, he sparked my interest in Love and Rockets, and all the weird, perverted stuff therein. I love that such brilliant pornography is available at the local library.

    Doctor Who has a rich history and background. For casual observers who just blabber whatever shit they feel needs to come out of their mouth, it may seem that things are just made up out of the blue.

    Tony Stark does have a lot of kids in Iron Man 3, so I cannot completely discount the theory that Tony Stark touches kids.

  2. I apologize for Tim not answering this or the previous episode's comment.

    1. Tim's very busy...doing...I got nothing.

      Hey, it's not like this is a website he created. for a podcast starring himself, with comments related to things he's said.

    2. He must be busy doing some really important things...of course whatever they might be, I have no idea.