Sunday, April 21, 2013

0058 Poop Sandwich Episode 1

This is the new weekly THOOM family show: Poop Sandwich, in which I talk about four comics I found in the bargain bin at local comic shops. There are four comics in each bag. I know two look good, but are they good, and what about the two comics inside? WIll this be four 4-star comics, or will it be a POOP SANDWICH!? This is a solo show, with just me, Timmy T, talking for an hour.


The bread:
Action Comics #12 (DC New 52)
Captain America #17 Vol. 6 (Marvel 2012)

The filling:
The Curse of Spawn #28 (1999)
Divine Right: The adventures of Max Faraday #12 (2000)

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