Sunday, May 12, 2013

0062: Comic Book Spotlight Spotlight (Destroyer Duck #1)

Tim and T-Mafia recap Steve Gerber and Jack Kirby's Destroyer Duck #1 (Eclipse, 1982)
1 hour.



  1. Jack Kirby: G.O.A.T

    Tim, do you name your podcasts comic book spotlight sin hopes that people might mistake it for more popular podcasts?

    I'm sorry, Trenchcoat, but Kitty Pryde did not die. She pushed her powers to the limit to phase that giant bullet, and she couldn't turn herself solid again. Then Magneto had to come in and show the X-men how to handle problems like a boss.

    So if Bendis is portraying Jean Grey like a bitch, then isn't he writing X-men well?

    Thank you for pointing out Tim's inaccuracies once again, Trenchcoat. Brubaker's Cap run was great, and he had a phenomenal artist on the book, too. In addition to good story, the action choreography was some of the best I've ever seen. Bucky Cap's fighting style, for instance, was distinct in comparison to Captain America's fighting style.

    1. I could've sworn Whedon killed Kitty off. It's been a while since I read the book.

      Brubaker's Cap was great. His crime books are even better.