Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review A Day 17 : Ghosts In The Machine

THOOM and Trenchcoat Mafia review a short story by Rick Veitch, "Ghosts In The Machine" from Epic Illustrated #29.  (show length- 8:09)


Read along. You can find "Ghosts In The Machine" posted on the Savage Tales blog right here. As a matter of fact, please read it and let me know if you agree with Trenchcoat Mafia or me (Timmy Thoom) about the quality of the story. It's about 13 pages.


  1. Actually shouldn't the fact that he wakes up and has live ammo, be proof that the "reality" is a glitch? They said they put the terrorists inside the machine to get rid of their aggression. It seems to be a VR world so why live ammo? Who would armor and arm terrorists as therapy? I think it was a glitch in their death programming.

    I forget who liked this story. Story was okay for a short 13 pager written in the 80's.

    Conspiracy theories aside, The Big Lie sucked because you don't time travel into the past to prevent your loved ones' death by showing them the conspiracy. You prove who you are.

  2. Rick Veitch is wayyy overrated.

  3. So you didn't like Brat Pack , T-Mafia?

  4. Brat Pack was good. This story and The Big Lie though...