Wednesday, October 31, 2012

0043: Manphibian, For The Win.

THOOM and T-Mafia shine the Spotlight On Legion of Monsters #1 from Curits Publications (aka Marvel). It's an anthology series: There's a Tales of the Crypt knockoff, There's a Frankenstein story, and then there is the monster story of them all: Manphibian! (Show length: 53:41)



  1. Hey, I got a mention.

    And yes I have to admit I am basically immune to almost all types of disgusting stuff on the internet, except guys mutilating and chopping off their balls and dicks. That still makes me winch.

    If they did a creation origin wouldn't you then say, "Wasting time on an origin, all mother fuckers know how Frankenstein's monster was created."

    Buckwheat was not a racist character. If you believe that then you don't understand Our Gang.

    Frankie's dead already so falling from high place shouldnt hurt him.

    There have a few docs on freaks and they generally seemed grateful that they went into showbiz. Some would have died because they were abandoned as children, some because their condition required health care an "ordinary" life couldn't pay for. And when everyone you work with is a freak, you don't get stressed out about your differences.

    TCM giving you sloppy seconds? You take sloppy seconds gladly.

    He probably bought a house with his savings from sideshow work.

    The wings are probably off a mothman or some such creature that exist in the weird universe where you can reattact wings to a fly.

    1. I didn't say do a creation origin. I said explain how Frank got to be where he was at the beginning of this story. Motherfucker was SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET APROPOS OF NOTHING. That is just damned lazy. I suggested he burst out of a grave of something.

  2. Tim actually defended Buckwheat once over on the PCX blog comments. Buckwheat isn't a racist stereotype...compared to Ebony White, anyway.