Thursday, September 20, 2012

THOOM vs Howard the Duck #18: THOOM continues to plow through Steve Gerber's Howard the Duck series and Trenchcoat Mafia one again defends Howard. This issue introduces Howard most definitive nemesis: Doctor Bong.  No, not the Cheech & Chong type of Bong. This guy has a bell on his head.


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1 comment:

  1. Franks and beans are delicious, just cause you hate them doesn't mean you should ban them. Do you like collar greens, I don't. Wish I could but they make me choke. Why do you want to homogenize the world?

    And franks and beans is a food staple of the people. It would figure Howard likes them.

    What are you talking about? Just cause they are students doesn't mean he can't touch then. Scandalizing students should be fairly easy. Sex, drugs, test buying, cheating, plagiarizing, etc. And to get them in trouble all he would really have to do is influence one or two people, namely their parents such as is done to Beverly's then boyfriend.

    "How can you fall in love with someone for their body?" Welcome to Earth, strange dark alien. It's called hormones, makes humans do strange, stupid and even remarkable things, like stalking someone they ”love” and raping them or just lusting for them for untold years or starting a normal relationship. I think even an asexual would understand.

    What are you talking about? Taken out of school for dating a none Jewish girl? Yeah, it even happens today.