Monday, September 24, 2012

Review-A-Day: Day One

This is a new experiment. I am doing a review a day: a review of a comic book, movie, novel or some piece or narrative art/entertainment. I'm starting off with a couple of new movies: Dredd 3D and House At The End of the Street (or the dumb acronym "H.A.T.E.S.") It's a solo show. This episode is about 15 minutes.



  1. So Sylvester Stallone, the guy who BARELY wore the helmet (and the uniform, for that matter)and has a droopy, steroid-induced hanging lip, is more faithful to Dredd than Karl Urban? He's as buff as Dredd, but Stallone's as buff as most comic book characters.

    Also, the only people complaining about The Raid and Dredd having the same premise are just ignorant people. BTW, Dredd was in production before The Raid, so neither followed each other.

    Speaking of ignorance, did you actually see The Raid, Tim? It's a good chance you did, since you spend 12 hours a visit going from theater to theater. Don't you get hungry? Can't steal popcorn, now can you?

    Speaking of giant thieving negroes, why don't you just get torrents of all these movies, rather than going to the theater and sneaking around?

  2. I saw the Raid two times, also in thieving ways. I eat before I go in. Once I smuggled a cup in and refilled my cup. (they have those cool new coke machines with a hundred different flavors).

    I prefer the theater experience, and I never learned to torrent movies because I am lazy. Also, I see the risk my friend goes through to torrent movies. Many of those movie files are viruses.

    1. There is no "learning" in torrenting. You put a program on your computer and go.

      What risk? If 10,000 people download the same torrent, and none of them comment "Virus!" then it's not a virus. Also, if you watch a video, it's not going to launch a virus. It's either going to play or it's not. If you download an EXE file from anyone you're not sure of, you deserve a virus.

      I often have to go back and forth between who is the most shocking negro between you can JD. You always surprise me.