Wednesday, December 19, 2012

0047: THOOM vs. Howard the Duck 19

THOOM and T-Mafia review Howard #19 as Howard continues his adventures as a human being.



  1. So Book of Mormon and South Park is "toothless"? They comment on everything and everyone!

    Hasa Diga Eebowai

    I would have thought that Podcast X West headquarters would know have the resources to know what The Book of Mormon is all about.

  2. PS: Annette Funicello is a damn mess now. She's all curled up in a wheelchair. I believe she has M.S. Happy days!

  3. For both, of course. There's no excuse for either one.

  4. Giuliani gets too much credit for cleaning up 42nd st. It was more of a combination of new zoning laws against porn, the internet porn explosion and Bill Clinton's 100,000 new cops.

    They should just legalize and unionized prostitution. Records show that usually when prostitution is legalized, STD's, drug use and human trafficking go down.

    As pointed out, previous, Steve Gerber had made Thundarr the Barbarian more intense, but the studios toned it down because it was for kids.

    Oh please. where you getting those dumb ideas about meat eaters? One fat chick? You tell a non-vegetarian you're a vegetarian and usually they don't care, unless they gotta specially make your non meat whatever. No meat for you means more burgers for the rest of us at the bbq.

    In the 70's apartments in the village and the surrounding area were still relatively cheap. Rent really soared in the 80's.

    How did the twist in Fight Club suck?

    Castenada was an American author who was into shamanism and into new age "expanding awareness" philosophy.

    Wonder Woman is better as a warrior. She's boring as ambassador of peace. And even though I like Perez's run, it was a stupid idea that the God's send her to "man's" world to bring peace.

    Elongated Man was good for what he was but he was always a3rd stringer.

    Plastic Man on the other hand can be a great hero but unfortunately everytime they give him a comic they make it stupid silly. He need an anchor. Like when he was in the JLA. He needs a realistic, serious environment to work in. If it's just silly on silly on silly then he becomes just part of the scenery.

    What with the Funicello hate? She's one of early TV pedo's dream.

    1. Lol. So to you, Giuliani should have just stayed home! Please, dude. Giuliani was a hardass motherfucker in his time, and the Police brass were too.

      Plastic Man and Elongated man at this point are in the same boat.