Wednesday, November 7, 2012

0045: Nastier Than A Hairy Mole.

THOOM and T-Mafia comment on Chester Brown's memoir of his years as a john paying for sex. This is a spotlight on Brown's giant graphic novel "Paying For It".



  1. I got another mention.

    There is a difference between propagandizing and using a fictional god character, most writers are not trying to sell a god to the readers. Do you usually see writers trying to sell the old gods? Do you see comics where it praises Zeus and tells the reader to worship the father of gods? No, you see Captain Marvel looking for drunk Zeus' misplaced thunderbolts. But there are types like Jack Chick who propagandizes his god all the time. I used to think since they use characters like Hercules in comics, in a few hundred years, when people worship Elvis, Jesus would be trickster god in the comics.

    J.D. gone ? How bad was it? J.D's gone. The closeted gay guy is gone. The wishy-washy believer is gone. You know what they say when you have too many bad relationships. Maybe the other person isn't the problem.

    His ex-girlfriend was probably asking because now she can refer to him as a deviant behind his back and supply her friends with all the details or she was getting tips to when she becomes an entrepreneur.

    Sounds like the artist and writers are using the visuals to show some sort of significance the other people played in the writer's life. Not sure if it's the importance of the person or the conversation. His ex is clear and closer because she played a closer and more personal part. His friends not so much. The hookers were meaningful for their bodies but not so much their faces. Maybe because he had no real interest in their faces, just that they were attractive enough to get an erection.

    Crabs is one of the easiest of STD's to get rid of.

    Prostitution is legal in Canada.

    Some like being prostitutes, even written books about their careers.

    It's like any job, sometimes you have to work with someone you don't like. You can either act professional and deal with it or you refuse and/or complain.

    "If they're not happy they shouldn't do the job"? How many people are happy at their jobs. From what I remember, Thoom wasn't happy with his EMT job.

    I wonder if Thoom found it interesting because he just realized it's a pamphlet to his future sex life.

  2. I stick by my "4" out of "10", because where was the story?

    1. You don't always need a traditional 3 part story arc for a good story, you troglodyte.

  3. Even the great Alan Moore uses "traditional" storytelling.

  4. From what you guys said of this comic I thought there was.
    Act 1- Split from girlfriend, decide only hookers.
    Act 2- Visiting various of hookers.
    Act 3- Recent update.

    Hey, if my speculation on Thoom seeing hookers is right, will you be reviewing the hookers here?
    And more than just, "Ewww! She was a nasty ho!"