Monday, October 29, 2012

0042: The Infernal Man-Thing

THOOM and Trenchcoat comment on Marvel's latest solo Man-Thing miniseries The Infernal Man-Thing, a posthumous release of a Steve Gerber Man-Thing story. (81 minutes)



  1. SpongeBob is okay, and I hate 2 and a Half. Sponge Bob is more fun watching with kids but it's still is adult enough to not be entirely stupid.
    I would think if you like Mighty Boosh you might like Spongebob.

    Thoom, I never complained that you talk too much about movies. My complaint was when your blog was called Retro Comics and you did movie reviews and non-retro comics.

  2. My problem is that there aren't any sitcoms here in the U.S. even half as good as The Mighty Boosh.