Monday, September 17, 2012

0036: Comic Books With Issues 3: Corporate Crime #1

THOOM and T-Mafia review the counter culture comic book, Corporate Crime #1 (Kitchen Sink Press, 1977). The hippies take down The Man, 1970s style.


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  1. Wait, what? You now like Red State, didn't you say in your review (can't check that episode, link to mp3 gone.), you didn't like it. 10 minute long beginning you didn't understand, "unlikable and unrelatable characters", "disgusting public sex", what changed?

    I gotta see that movie with Mimi Rogers in it, "...and then the Rapture happened.”

    "Why would you want sadness in your movies?" Because it's reality. Because it's more interesting, Polly-timmy.

    Old prostitutes are usually cheaper.

    You would think the dad would keep Monopoly in order to teach his kids about real life. Not hide the reality.

    Home movies, probably porn.

    People on horseback can be intimating to a person standing below them. They got hooves, they will outrun you and they will usually move as the rider tells them to.

    Who says, Thundar the Barbarian wasn't deep, it was a Saturday morning kids' show. But it was unique, it was able to show the end of human civilization as is and the survivors' struggle. They had a few deaths, off camera, but you understood someone died. And if it seemed too simple at times, it probably wasn't Gerber's fault but the Polly-Anna type executives who wonder why put sadness in the cartoon. Despite solid ratings they cancelled it because it was too violent. Wish they would renew it now on a cable station.