Thursday, August 16, 2012

0023: THOOM vs. Howard the Duck

THOOM is joined by Podcast X's Trenchcoat Mafia as they continue to make their way through the Howard the Duck comic book series. Howard the Duck #14.



  1. man its bin a long time (2 years) since i heard Trenchcoat Mafia man he sounds like somebody took a piss on his mouth while he was in a coma. and i though the bitch was dead.

  2. Jon, if you went through what he did, you probably wouldn't make it past the brink of death, let alone come back with the same sense of humor.

  3. Damion is a protector of humanity because he likes humanity, what's not to get?

    I think Courtney's into the muscles, she needs an anthropomorphized muscular duck, like Evil Launchpad McQuack from a parallel dimension.

  4. If Courtney's really into non-humans, she'd fuck Howard. Muscles or no.

  5. Hey I forgot this duck. If there was ever a duck Courtney would fuck it would be Ducktor Doom. But she said she wouldn't even do the real one. No wonder he won't traverse the cosmos in search of his most loyal and willing minion. Courtney just wants alien muscles to look at.

    Think she'll review a Spider-Ham comic?