Saturday, July 21, 2012

0010: Quantum Suckage

The first half hour is news and comic reviews: fallout of the Colorado Shootings, The IRS comes after THOOM!, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the 2012 Captain Marvel #1.

I also introduce a new series on the THOOM podcast: Quantum Suckage, dedicated to going through several issues of Acclaim's 1997 series Quantum and Woody. Awful, awful stuff. Perhaps I should have cut this episode in half as two half hours shows. But if one hour of me talking is too mush for ya, the first half hour is topical issues, and the last 37 minutes is me ranting and ripping up Q&W. From now on, Quantum Suckage will probably be it's own show.

Music: "Lights" by Ellie Goulding and "Don't Go" by Yaz


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